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CYC Challenge Youth Conference

is one of the most powerful times of our year. Other than the Maury Christian Camp, it is the largest gathering of our youth group. So allow me to reflect a bit over the last 4 days. This does not happen by chance…It’s a year long process
for us. We have one member that reserves our chalets and orders our tickets. Our chalets are already reserved for 2021. We have a deacon that takes care of ALL of our transportation, acquiring drivers, renting vehicles and making sure we
get from point A to B. Then we have our chaperones…amazing moms, dads and others who look after every child making sure they are secure and where they need to be. They offer a listening ear when needed. We cannot forget our loved ones who
prepare our meals for us, When we arrive Friday to unload a meal is ready and a dessert later that night. Saturday breakfast and lunch are prepared then a late night brownie and ice creme to top off a great day. There are others too…a mom
who made 72 LARGE cinnamon rolls, members who paid for young people to go on this trip and, of cours,e the people who prayed fervently. -SM Youth Leader Jerry Elder